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While trying to shoot a Funny Dating experiment to see if I can pick up dates wearing a leopard print T-shirt we instead ran into something we did not expect. We ran into a woman who made her hatred towards Muslims known. The woman had no shame with the very hurtful and clearly misguided things she said once she found out I was a Muslim.

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20 thoughts

  1. omg she is so mean i am a muslim so what you are you an i am me like way she said delete my number like she is soooooooooo MAEN if she are muslim she will understand how you me all the pepole thatare muslim feels she is really hurtful so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

  2. I really wish I understood why people are so ignorant. Why must a person incorrectly judge someone because of their religion or ethnicity. They don't even get to know you as a human being yet they jump to conclusions so quickly. I'm a Christian and would NEVER do this to anyone! It's so sad how people can treat someone so badly…

  3. For those who doesn't even understand about islam just please don't say anything about it.

  4. WOW! That was seriously unbelievable… But that is due to the people who have made such type of image about Muslims!

  5. In retrospect you probably don't want to close with, "Btw, I'm a Muslim". You got that whole, could be Hispanic, sort of nebulous ethnic New Yorker look going for you. Work that angle instead. I'd shy away from branding yourself a Muslim during your pick up routines. I'm just saying.

  6. Hey Karim, I don't mind going out on a Date with you, whether you're a muslim or a non-muslim, who cares.. you are still any less than a human.. ;)

  7. The craziest thing about this shit is that Christians have killed more people then anyone in the world timothy mcfae was a Christian who blew up the Oklahoma state building jeffery domar a cannible was a Christian the crackaz that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were Christians the people killed martin Luther king Jr we're Christian the slave masters who killed 99million native Americans and 66millon blacks were Christians now u tell me who the real terrorist muslims didn't put aids in all the blacks in african whites did the biblical devil incarnation the show no shame kill and take as the plz and when any group stands up in fight back they brainwash the public through the media in make its as if the people standin up to the bullies are the aggressive america and its Christians are gonna burn for the simple fact that the carry out all this lie deceit and murder in the name of the god christ whose not even got but a son of his.. remember these the same people that are going to ask him on judgement day didnt we not perform miracles in your name and cast out demons in christ gonna look them dead in the face in say I NEVER KNEW YOU!!! Christians prepare for that..

  8. hhhhh… is that how u think Muslim's are just first know us then judge us and listen to our holly QURAN and u will love it ALOT

  9. Yes I would date you if your Muslim as long as you let me practice my religion which is Christian. To me the problem is that we believe in Jesus and y'all view him as a prophet. I am not trying to offend anyone. I'm just saying between Christian and Muslim there are some differences. But I do agree in the mosaic law. If we would follow it there would be no prisons in the world everyone would be following the rules.

  10. She reacted properly, perhaps rude but not aggressive. She has every right to walk away from the possibility of dating a muslim. Islam has been proven over and over again not to be a religion of peace. No. I dont support Trump. Everyone has their right to decide their religion. Just dont be mad when people want to stay away from a religion that promotes oppression.

  11. smart girl probably saved herself a lifetime of oppression and abuse. wearing that ninja suit all year round.

  12. I was with a man whom came from a Muslim family. He was abusive verbally, physically and mentally; it took FIVE years to get away from him. I will never date a Muslim man again. I wish I had gotten to know his family and not him, it turns out his mother left his father for the exact same reason I left my ex.

  13. WOW
    I'm so surprised honestly. She's a bitch. Don't hate me but I would have to do the same thing. My parents will not let me date anyone who doesn't fit their standards. The standards include:
    Catholic Christian
    Has a stable job
    Someone from mt state in India

    But even though I can't date anyone that doesn't fit in those standards. I wouldn't say all that ignorant shit. My BFF is Muslim and her dad isn't abusive. Her and her fam are normal Pakistani-Americans that aren't terrorists. I wanna slap that bitch so hard. UGH

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