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  1. Vinod Kovoor is the person presented this skit first.others are jus copying it.i still remember years back he presented this in Doordarsan

  2. thankamanide palinte sughandenke olde varavu njanangadu nirtha…..enna ingalu ee pidiye vararathu..enna njan ithangu pooti poka

  3. super performance by vinod kovoor,devarajan and nirmal palazhi…..u r the brand ambassadrs of calicut mimicry

  4. Double like.. Watching it again n again..! "Sivaanand.. Oru Chaaya.." "antachchchan ndallo Krishnan.." Wah! This comedy will noticed for not only for its accent but also for perfect timing n quite natural script and mannerisms.. Moreover Vinod Kovoor exactly look like an old man, nobody will think otherwise. Hats off for the team for making such a natural comedy.

  5. Simply superb.. The Kozhikodan accent makes it extraordinary… Don't miss part 2: "Kanaran pinmaari.. Nehru pradhaanamanthi.." 😀 LOL..

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