My Top 10 Comedy Tv Shows

My Top 10 Comedy Tv Shows

My Top 10 Comedy Tv Shows
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  1. most of those you mentioned there for me ain't funny specially modern family and the big bang theory! check out hotwives of Orlando, burning love, call me fitz, californiacation these are funny as hell!

  2. Is it possible that Everybody loves Raymond is not in top 10. Totally disagree with you bro. 5th Two and a half man, 4th Everybody loves Raymond, 3rd Big Bang theory, 2nd Friends and 1st How i met your mother. Tuff decision for 1st and 2nd place but i think right one.

  3. Modern family is a alright show but it annoys me how they got so many awards for doing exactly what other TV shows have been doing for years minus the same sex couple, ridiculous budget and crap jokes that take forever to get to the punch line.

  4. dude?
    i agree only on f•r•i•e•n•d•s
    where park and rec? (6 perfect seasons)
    first season 2/10
    two and half man (7 seasons of pure golden television)
    after 7 seasons the show ended

    sad list you made there

  5. I think this list is pretty good but I'd put series like two and half men,everybody hates Chris and King of Queens
    From your list I like the most friends and rules of engagement

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