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  1. Great set, I've checked out a few of your videos and really enjoyed, my new favorite comic! The macadamia nut is the worst nut and I refuse to eat it lol.

  2. I had just watched the shorter video and liked it so much I came here to watch the whole show! You're HILARIOUS!
    "You're so sad! Sign up here with the other sad people!" LMAO!

  3. You're amazing! Found you randomly on FB &I'm hooked! Plus I kind of have a huuuuge lesbian crush on you haha— but I wouldn't touch you unless you wanted me to 😉 –> because I was raised right!
    Totally taking a trip out to NYC in a few months, might have to check out one of your shows. Also, definitely going to purchase your album right now! :D

  4. I'm paying attention to you & laughing but….. I can't stop staring at your orgasmic hair 😍 I need my hair like that 

  5. wow. you just got yourself a new fan. <3d it. would love to catch you on west coast. i'll be sure to sign mailing list

  6. Hahah, excellent.  The OKC bit was funny and depressing because, you know, truth and stuff. 

  7. I came to this video ready to be disappointed as so many female comedians (or comediennes) are not good. There are very real evolutionary and cultural reasons for this eg funny males are rewarded by peers while growing up where as funny females are not rewarded and viewed as dorky or not sexy. Anyway I really enjoyed this chicks set, it was cleaver and explicit without just being crude. She has a consistent set and a strong closer. I find intelligent women sexy and I would save her phone from the train while putting my number in it but I expect she would take one look at me and push me back onto the tracks.. Maybe I should just shake her boobies

  8. Bought the album based on this video alone. You are awesome and thanks for doing what you do. Then I saw the marathon stuff. As a fallen (half)marathon-er, it spoke to my soul and also bizarrely inspired me to start training again.  So thanks… I think. 

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